Our team

Alexis Hall - Swim School Owner

I started swimming at the age of 2 and have never really stayed out of the water! I ran a Swim School in Buckinghamshire in 2009 but the Cornish seas were calling me, so I moved to Cornwall to be close to the water at all times! I love surfing, snorkelling, wakeboarding and relaxing in the water. I decided to launch Diddy Dolphins in 2016 after the birth of my little boy who never stops smiling if he’s jumping in puddles or jumping into the swimming pool. My dream is to create a big family in the swimming pool made up of all ages, a great team of teachers and the ultimate goal of everyone learning to love the water no matter what age or experience you have. I have now been teaching for over 17 years. I have learnt so much from different people, places and my different surroundings that I can’t wait to support you and your family on your swimming journey.

Vicki - Swim School Instructor

I learnt to swim at a young age as my mum would take me and my siblings to the local pool. I soon joined a swim school to develop my strokes and stamina and thrived on the competition within the club. Growing up in Cornwall meant summers on the beach, spending most of my time in the sea and that’s still the case in adulthood. I love to surf, bodyboard and snorkel also going out on my kayak with my partner and daughter. I have been in the leisure industry for over 16 years. I started out as a gym instructor and lifeguard and soon after completed my Swim Teacher’s qualification. I still hold a lifeguards certificate, first aid at work and child protection level 2. I have a wide range of experience teaching swimming from babies all the way through to adults and have also taught children with special needs. I have carried out lessons in different formats from one to one’s, small groups to large groups. All of which I have enjoyed greatly as it’s such a pleasure to see individuals improve their confidence, skill and efficiency in the water. Swimming is such an important skill that I believe every person should have, it’s never too soon or too late,,,,get swimming!

Leila- Swim School Instructor

I’m a mum of two, stepmum of 3 and fur mama of two dogs.
As I was growing up my whole family were great lovers of swimming so I learnt to swim at a very young age. Our summers were spent in Cyprus, as my Grandparents lived there. Every moment we could we were splashing around in the pool or sea. One of my favourite memories is of my dad teaching me to swim and I guess since that day I’ve never really stopped .  As a family most weekends we were so luck to be able to water ski or have access to a lake or river near by, it became a regular hobby to jump in and make the most of the water. Even now you’ll often find me jumping about in the sea loving every second! My daughter started lessons with Diddy dolphins when she was 3, suddenly my childhood memories came flooding back I felt an instant connection of wanting to support others in the water.  During each lesson I watched how much she gained from it and how proud I was to see her progress with a life skill that my dad taught me. It pulled me in the direction of wanting  to train to be a swimming teacher myself. Since then I have now achieved my Swimming Teachers award, parent and baby/Todd instructor certificate and the STA Full teachers Rescue award.

Whilst bringing up my family on our beautiful coastline it become so lovely to support other families in the community to learn to love the water. The both between a little one and their parent is such a magical moment in the water. I love seeing the kids I teach progress to feeling super confident and how to use this life skills safely. There’s not many roles that feels so rewarding, than to be apart of another’s swim journey..

Laura - Swim School Instructor

I started swimming swimming from a very young age, but was initially very nervous. I have very early memories of dreading swimming lessons, so can definitely sympathise with children that take longer to feel comfortable and confident in the water.  My wonderful teacher coached me through my anxieties, all the way up to joining a swimming club at 10 years old.  I loved training every day of the week and competiting to a high level. Its given me a vast knowledge of stroke correction, drills and sporting discipline (especially from the 5am starts!) My swimming has lead me to fantastic things, like being a coasteering instructor. It’s also given me the confidence to take up new sports, like surfing. I started teaching swimming at 14 years old, as a weekend helper. I’ve now been a qualified level two instructor for 9 years. Whilst much of my teaching has been for swim schools in this country, I have also worked overseas in Australia and America. It is a pleasure to teach all ages and abilities, from parent -child right through to adults. I am dedicated, professional, yet approachable and always give each individual 100%. Over the years I have developed a range of teaching techniques, which I utilise to bring the best out of those I teach. I genuinely love what I do and I look forward to being part of your swimming journey.

Becky - Swim School Instructor

I was first introduced to swimming at a very young age in Plymouth. After my first time in the water I became completely obsessed with being in and around the water. A move to Qatar (and eventually in Kuwait) prompted me to join a swimming club as I was finally old enough to do so. The experiences I was lucky enough to have abroad guaranteed a love of swimming for life. Eventually moving to boarding school to further my swimming career, I came back to the UK. Here I continued to race nationally and internationally. Not only swimming in the pool but taking up open water swimming and continuing my love for surfing.  I carry my ASA Level 1 and 2 swimming teacher awards and have over 5 years of swim teaching experience, alongside some coaching and lifeguarding experience. My past client have ranged from parent/baby and toddler to adults lessons as well as the full scope of the Swim England pathway. I’ve also been able to teach regular 1:1 sessions where asked or required. Regardless of the swimmer and their ability, learning to swim or improving your swimming should always be fun and enjoyable experience.